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Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy


Making a complaint:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not satisfied with our service or are unhappy with something one of our staff has said or written in our dealings with you.

                                           Do not feel intimidated or reluctant to discuss an issue with us.

·         Simply phone me to discuss your issue. I am the owner/director of this company and value your custom and your feedback. Vaughan King : 5333 5258

·         Send an email direct to me:

·         You can fax a note to me on 5333 4675 or

·         By post : Vaughan King P O Box 357W Ballarat West 3350

Please provide as much detail as possible about the nature of your complaint, including the outcome you would like. If you need assistance in describing or making a complaint please call me to discuss this with you.

How we will handle your complaint

As the Director of the company I will personally oversee any complaint and make certain there is direct contact with yourself within 24hours to discuss the matter with you. I will endeavor to fully examine the issues and make certain your complaint is handled in accordance with this process.

I will treat the process, and all the details of your complaint, in strict confidence. If I need to discuss any issues arising from your complaint with someone outside of the agency, I will obtain your consent first. I will always give you a fair opportunity to explain your case. I may want to meet you in person to discuss your concerns and try to find a satisfactory solution.

How long will it take?

If your complaint is made in writing you will receive a written acknowledgement within 24 hours. I will give you an estimate of how long it may take us to deal with the matter and I will endeavor to finalize the matter within five business days.

What action will we take in response to your complaint?

The action we take will depend on the situation leading to the complaint, the severity of the complaint and whether a mistake has been detrimental to your business with the agency or with you personally.

If I decide that the complaint is justified, I will then decide what response we will make. I will always try to match the response to the nature of your complaint and your desired outcome, but this may not always be possible.