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If you have sold a property in the last few years and wondered why you had to spend so much money on Advertising then perhaps it's time to think differently about how you allow agents spend your money.

At The estate agent: Ballarat we do everything the bigger agents promise but we won't send you the big advertising bill after we have sold your home, townhouse or block of land.

We know that smart buyers from Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide look on the Internet before they look anywhere else and that's why our marketing strategy places a huge emphasis on and our own site

Our marketing package includes the Internet, Interactive Floor Plan, For Sale sign, Window display in our busy Sturt Street Office, Photography and Colour Brochures. And for the local buyers your home will also be on display in the Courier

So before you sign up for an expensive advertising campaign consider placing your home on the market with an agent who is not waiting for the ink to dry!